An Essential Guide For Listening And Pronunciation For Turkish Elt Students

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  • ISBN : 978-605-170-348-0
  • Boyut : 16 x 24
  • Sayfa Sayısı : 128
  • Baskı : 1 Baskı/ 2020
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With this textbook at hand, the author aims to provide an essential guide for the standardization of the content of Listening and Pronunciation courses whose syllabi are determined on individual basis by the instructors in charge in the English Language Teaching (ELT) Departments in Turkey. Listening and Pronunciation cour-ses are taught as elective courses to improve and support pronunciation skills and listening comprehension of the pre service language teachers, which has been gene-rally neglected in language teacher training. Therefore, this book is intended to serve as a practical guide for Listening and Pronunciation courses to be used at English Language Teaching (ELT) Departments.

Listening and pronunciation appear as two primary challenges before lan-guage learners. The challenge is two-way: One relates to the individual as a learner. S/he need to take the responsibility to improve his/her pronunciation and use cor-rect pronunciation to be understood better and communicate properly in English. S/he also need to develop himself/herself as a language teacher. S/he has to be ready and well-equipped to teach the target language effectively.

In general, the coursebook offers opportunities to develop listening com-prehension and theoretical basis underlying as well as oral production skills in Eng-lish. Therefore, it focuses on English language sounds, the nature of speech, and pronunciation skills of the students. It also responds to a need of pre-service ELT teachers to grasp the connection between Phonetics and Phonology and pronuncia-tion skills as well as language teaching.

Specifically, the coursebook aims to provide knowledge about phonemes and sound patterns in English. It helps to describe consonants and vowels in English in terms of their features of articulation to produce them properly. Intonation, stress, pitch and juncture patterns in English are also included in the coursebook to help pronounce language correctly by applying appropriate stress and intonation.

All in all, it makes learners aware of the English language sounds and their characteristics along with listening activities to enable them to pronounce better and to improve their listening skills by combining theoretical basis and listening practice