Translation And Interpreting As Sustainable Services The Australian Experience

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  • Yazar : OKTAY ESER
  • ISBN : 978-605-170-072-4
  • Boyut : 16X24
  • Sayfa Sayısı : 120
  • Baskı : 1.Baskı / 2016
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〈Satın Al〉

The author of this book insightfully captures the spirit of the age with the key concepts he tackles like ethics, cultural environment, professionalism, translator competence, standards, sustainability, T and I services, marketing, interdisciplinarity, and the corpus of the Australian case in professionalism set as a successfully working model. Prof. Ayşe Nihal Akbulut Translation and Interpreting, Yaşar University, Izmir, Turkey Oktay Eser's work will fill the gap not only in the field of translation studies as a new subfield of study, which demontrates translation as institution, but also in the market as a sustainable model for the translation sector. In short, this work opens up new horizons of knowledge in the field of Translation Studies, and I congratulate Oktay Eser for his success in introducing a new subfield of study in Translation Studies. Prof. Mine Yazıcı Translation and Interpreting, Istanbul University, Turkey Australia is a country in which almost 250 languages and dialects are spoken by people in the community alonside the several hundred indigenous languages. The interaction is essential to the survival of these people in the community. Dr. Oktay Eser provides an introduction to key events, milestones and organisations in the translation and interpreting industry in Australia. I congratulate him for producing this book which highlights business, social and sustainability aspects of translation and interpreting from an interdisciplinary perspective. A great contribution tothefield of translation and interpretingaswell as business. Sedat Mülayim Translating and Interpreting, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia