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Meta-thematic Analysis In Research Process

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  • Yazar : Veli BATDI
  • ISBN : 978-605-170-461-6
  • Boyut : 16x24 cm
  • Sayfa Sayısı : 130 Sayfa
  • Baskı : E-kitap / 2020

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In this book prepared as a guide, the detailed philosophical and theoretical dimension of meta-thematic analysis, its comparison with other concepts in the literature and its importance in national and international dimensions are mentioned. The book also explains, in stages, how a meta-thematic analysis is conducted from beginning to end. The book is detailed in separate sections in order to provide a clear understanding of the meta-thematic analysis. Part I includes the introduction and stages of meta-thematic analysis, and Part II explains how to perform a document review in meta-thematic analysis. Part III mentions national studies conducted within the scope of meta-thematic analysis and international studies supporting meta-thematic analysis. Part IV refers to the issue of validity and reliability in qualitative research such as meta-thematic analysis.