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The Linguistics Of English Language

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  • Yazar : Süleyman KASAP
  • ISBN : 978-605-170-515-6
  • Boyut : 16 x 24
  • Sayfa Sayısı : 176
  • Baskı : 1.Baskı / 2021
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The powerful magic of life might be based on one essential tool which is language. Perhaps the most important event in a child's life is the realization that everything has a name. Everything that has to do with language is excessive and mysterious, it is both transcendental and routine. Language with its complexity, its effective-ness, its wonderful logic, its wild richness explodes inside the mind like a firework and it has the capacity to lead love, amuse, comfort, and also to terrorize, confuse, despair. Nobody knows how language appeared, that is, how our mute ancestors managed to become talkative and the impossibility of explaining the prodigy led some linguists to conclude that God himself must have given man such a subtle invention, with its declensions and subjunctives. The drive to invent languages seems inexhaustible. There are currently 5103 languages registered. Human intel-ligence literally broke its limits with the appearance of language. The entire reality was enclosed in words, it became manageable, communicable through languages and our amazing world with everything inside could be told by poetic, fantastic, historical, scientific, religious, mythological narratives. This edited book is compo-sed of the following parts related to this magical journey of language.