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DR. ALFRED ADLER’S work in psychology, while it is scientific and general in method, is essentially the study of the separate personalities we are, and is therefore cal-led Individual Psychology. Concrete, particular, unique human beings are the subjects of this psychology, and it can only be truly learned from the men, women and children we meet. The supreme importance of this contribution to mo-dern psychology is due to the manner in which it reveals how all the activities of the soul are drawn together into the service of the individual, how all his faculties and strivings are related to one end. We are enabled by this to enter into the ideals, the difficulties, the efforts and dis-couragements of our fellow-men, in such a way that we may obtain a whole and living picture of each as a perso-nality. In this co-ordinating idea, something like finality is achieved, though we must understand it as finality of foundation. There has never before been a method so ri-gorous and yet adaptable for following the fluctuations of that most fluid, variable and elusive of all realities, the individual human soul.


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